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Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is a common problem after surgery and anesthesia. It can occur in up to just over one-third of the patients (35%) in the ambulatory surgery patient population, and be as high as 70% in certain high- risk patient groups. AA of VA's anesthesiologists know that patients have listed the avoidance of nausea and vomiting as one of their top concerns when faced with surgery and anesthesia. We also know that certain patient characteristics are associated with a higher risk of PONV such as younger age, female gender, large body habitus, history of PONV or motion sickness, anxiety, etc. Just as important are certain types of surgery are also known to predispose to PONV such as head (eye, ear) and neck procedures, intra-abdominal surgery, laparoscopic and gynecologic procedures.


For our patients at low risk of PONV, no prophylaxis or minimal prophylaxis with either Decadron or Zofran would probably given. For patients at moderate risk, we will give prophylaxis followed by aggressive treatment if nausea and vomiting develops. For those patients at highest risk, our anesthesiologists tailor an aggressive treatment regime consisting of Decadron, Zofran, avoidance of certain medications known to cause PONV, aggressive IV fluids, attention to postoperative pain control, and potentially altering our anesthetic technique. We may also add a Scoplamine transdermal patch if there are no medical contraindications to ordering this drug. While these various techniques may seem costly, they become cost-effective when the issues of your satisfaction and avoidance of unplanned admission are considered.


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