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Anesthesiologists work as a team along with other medical professionals such as surgeons to address vital and often times critical medical issues.  We are primarily responsible for the safety and comfort of patients before, during and after surgery. Some of our responsibilities includes placing a patient in the state of controlled unconsciousness called general anesthesia, or providing regional anesthetics whereby we numb a portion of the body to administering sedation when you need relief of pain or anxiety. Through our profession, we strive to provide you pain relief while we maintain your vital body functions as you undergo various medical procedures.


Our physician’s role in your care reaches beyond the operating room. We start with your preoperative assessment, an evaluation process that thoroughly considers your underlying medical conditions in conjunction with your current state of health along with your surgeon’s planned procedure. Armed with this evaluation, we will make judgments about the safest anesthesia plan for you. We are responsible for your care in the PACU (or recovery room) after your surgery as you come out of anesthesia. We are involved in the treatment of any acute postoperative pain in the recovery room, as well as on the floor if regional blocks are part of your anesthetic plan. We will be present during cardiac and respiratory resuscitation if needed. After we have been relieved of our clinical responsibilities, many of our physicians begin their administrative duties with various committees in our facilities to assist in developing policies and procedures to ensure the safe delivery of care for each patient as they enter our facilities . We are active in education and training in order to provide the most advanced medical treatment available.  



The physicians of American Anesthesiolog Associates of Virginia are always available to answer any questions you might have concerning your care. If there is time available prior to your surgery, then your surgeon can arrange a consultation with us if necessary. If you would like to talk with someone about your upcoming anesthesia experience, please call our office at 540-741-7614. Our office staff will help you get in touch with an anesthesiologist. American Anesthesiology Associates of Virginia and its physicians understand that surgery can be  a traumatic time for patients and families. We look forward to addressing any concerns you may have.


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