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American Anesthesiology Associates of Virginia physicians and its staff are not employed by the facilities we serve, and, as such we bill on a fee-for-service basis for our professional services. We participate with MediCare, MediCaid, Tricare and most commercial payers such as Anthem, Aetna, and United Healthcare.  AA of VA charges are based on the type of  surgical procedure, the time required for our involvement in your surgery and your health status. While we will submit a health claim form to these health plans, this does not guarantee payment.  We are a separate entity from the healthcare facility and your surgeon, we are not necessarily contracted with the same health plans that they are. You should expect to receive a separate bill from the CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist ) for their service, your surgeon and any other physician consultants who assist in your care. The hospital or facility will also charge a fee for your procedure or hospitalization which will include the equipment, drugs and supplies used by our physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in your care. You will receive two separate bills from our billing company. One for the Anesthesiologist and one for the CRNA.  Any questions you may have regarding the facility charges should be directed to the facility, anesthesia bills may be directed to our billing office. You may wish to contact your health plan to determine if we are part of their network.  The facility, surgeon and Anesthesia group may not share the same insurance participation. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that all services are covered the same by your health insurance plan. You may also call our billing office at 888-280-9533.


Payment Information


AA of VA will submit a health claim form to your health plan on your behalf for our services from the information that you provided to the hospital or surgery center. It usually takes between 30 to 60 days to receive payment from your insurance carrier. Once the health plan has paid their portion, you will be billed for any balance that your health plan did not cover and the remaining balance is your responsibility. Please refer to your explanation of benefits (EOB) sent from your insurance carrier, which will explain what we charged, what they paid and what you are responsible to pay. You will be billed separately for the Anesthesiologist as well as the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  If you have no insurance coverage or if your health plan deems you not eligible for benefits you will be billed for our services and be responsible for the amount specified on your bill. If you are a self pay customer and have  a prescheduled procedure pending, please contact our Raleigh regional office  at 888-280-9533 for pre payment options. Please have the CPT code and length of time for your procedure when you call. This may be obtained from your surgeons office.  It is your responsibility to settle any accounts not covered by your health plan as soon as possible


We accept the following methods of payment for our services: Cash, Check by phone, Checks, Money Order, Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard,) Debit Cards, On-Line Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard). When paying on-line or providing credit card information via your patient statement, please complete all the required fields on the form.


Click here to make a payment online.

(Online payments have been temporarily disabled. Please contact our billing office to make a payment via phone at 888-280-9533.)


Cosmetic and Elective Surgery Pre-Payments

Cosmetic and elective surgery not covered by insurance requires pre-payment in advance of your procedure. We calculate our fees based on the type of procedure and the length of time our services are utilized.  Please have the CPT code and length of time  when you call. This can obtained from  your surgeons office.  We will provide you with an estimated charge based on the time quote you have provided us.  Payment  is due prior to your procedure. Be advised that this  estimate is subject to additional billing should you procedure take longer than your surgeons office quoted.  Should your procedure take less than the quoted time, an appropriate refund will be issued. Please contact our office at 888-280-9533 regarding pre-payment.


Contact Us

If you have questions or any financial concerns about your bill or services, please contact our  regional billing office at 888-280-9533 Please have available the patient’s name, date of service, facility that the surgery took place, and account number if available. To reach us via email, please go to the Contact us area of our website.




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