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Endoscopy, Electrophysiology and Radiology

While most of the anesthetics performed at our facilities occur inside the operating room on patients who are undergoing surgery, some patients require anesthesia for procedures or tests that are done elsewhere. The most common locations for these outside-the-OR anesthetics are endoscopy, the cardiac electrophysiology lab and radiology where we provide anesthesia for patients undergoing MRIs, CT scans, Interventional Radiology procedures and lithotripsy.   The challenge of these procedures lies in creating the same level of safety in these environments that are present in the operating room. It is the job of your anesthesia team to ensure that all of the equipment and medications are readily available to ensure you receive a safe, comfortable and effective anesthetic. 


Preoperative Evaluation

Prior to the day of your surgery, an anesthesiologist will go over your history and various tests (for example, labs, EKG, chest x-ray results, etc.). If needed, we will contact you prior to your surgery date to gather more information after we have reviewed your medical record. If additional tests need to be performed or there are concerns which could potentially delay your surgery, your anesthesiologist will contact your surgeon’s office to ensure that any necessary testing is performed prior to your surgery date. 


Day of Procedure

The peri-procedural period begins when you arrive from the hospital floor, intensive care unit or from home to the designated pre-procedural holding area near your procedure room. It is here that you will meet your anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist. Your medical history will be reviewed and any recent changes in health will be assessed. Finally, a brief examination will be performed and your anesthesiologist will discuss the proposed anesthetic plan in words that you and your family can understand. You will have an opportunity to review the anesthesia consent form which describes the type and purpose of your anesthetic as well as any potential complications. You will then be given a chance to ask any questions that you may have. When your procedure room nurses, and anesthesia providers are ready, you will be transported to room where your procedure or test will be performed. Typically, a sedative is given which may calm any anxiety you have and prevent you from remembering your arrival. Pain medicine may be given in addition to the sedative to assure your comfort. 


Intra-Procedure Care

Once you have arrived in the procedure or testing room, your anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist will place various monitors to improve your safety during the operation. We will deliver oxygen either by nasal cannula or by gently placing an oxygen mask over your mouth and nose. If your procedure requires you to have a general anesthetic, it is at this point that you will receive the medications that will ensure you are completely asleep before the start of your procedure. You may or may not receive a breathing device that will assist you in breathing during the anesthetic. If a general anesthetic is not needed, you will receive sedation that will keep you comfortable during the procedure.


Post-Procedure Care

After the completion of your test or procedure you will be taken to a designated post-procedural area which may or may not be the same location as the pre-procedural holding area. Here you will be monitored and any additional needed medication will be given to assist in ensuring your safety and comfort. Every effort will be made to reunite you with your family or friends at the earliest appropriate time. 



The physicians of AA of VA are always available to answer any questions you might have concerning your care. If there is time available prior to your surgery, then your physician can arrange a consultation with us if necessary. AA of VA and its physicians look forward to helping you and your family get through what can be a difficult time for both your family and yourself.


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