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American Anesthesiology's anesthesia team members understand that the anesthesia concerns for children are different from those for adults. We strive to show sensitivity to the needs of our younger patients and their parents and apply strategies to help reduce their fears and anxieties.


Preoperative Visit

One way to lessen a child’s anxiety regarding surgery would be have the patient and their parents visit our facility to become familiar with the surroundings they will find themselves on the day of surgery. If the family is unable to bring the child for a visit prior to the day of surgery, one of our same day surgery nurses will contact the family to gather information about the child's medical history. Occasionally we will call to gather more information after we have reviewed the child’s chart prior to their surgery. On the day of surgery, our anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist will visit with your child and family to review the history, assess any changes in health, examine your child and discuss the proposed anesthetic plan in words that you and your child can understand. We will review AA of VA's anesthesia consent and answer any questions that you may have. Our anesthesiologist may give weight-based sedative medications by mouth, IV or rarely by injection into the skin. Our most common method is to give a liquid by mouth that would be mixed with a flavoring agent to improve the taste.


Intraoperative Care

When the operating room and surgeon are ready, your child will be taken directly to the OR with our nurse anesthetist and the operating room nurse. Once our monitors are applied to the child, we start to get your child sleepy by breathing anesthetic gases through a scented, clear plastic mask. After they are asleep, your child may receive an IV depending on the procedure. Occasionally your child will already have an IV like our teenage patients. If your child has an IV, then we will put them to sleep with medicines through the IV because it is faster and easier for them. However, if the child is young or afraid of needles and there is no contraindication to go to sleep with a mask, then a combination of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and the anesthesia gases will be used before the IV placement. A member of the anesthesia care team (usually a nurse anesthetist) will remain with the child throughout the operation, monitoring the vital signs and continuing the anesthesia under the direction of our anesthesiologist.


Post-anesthetic Care

At the conclusion of the surgery, the child will most often wake up in the operating room with the anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist in attendance. Your child will then be transported to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) also known as the recovery room. Once your child has recovered adequately, he or she will be returned to you either on our pediatric floor or in our discharge area. Medications for pain and to prevent nausea are given as appropriate to manage your child’s comfort.


Patient Discharge

Once the child is fully awake and is able to drink fluids, the patient should be able to be discharged. Our facilities have specific criteria they follow to know when your child is safe to be discharge to home. Children and teens generally recover quickly from surgery and anesthesia. Please follow the instructions that your surgeon will provide to you for the care of your child. If you have any issues after discharge, please do not hesitate to contact the surgeon or AA of VA to discuss your issues



The physicians of American Anesthesiology's are always available to answer any questions you might have concerning the care of your child. Your surgeon can arrange a consultation with us if necessary. American Anesthesiology's and its physicians look forward to helping you and your child get through what can be a frightening time for both your child and yourself.


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