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American Anesthesiology Associates of Virginia has provided anesthesia services to the Fredericksburg and the surrounding community at Mary Washington Hospital since 1965.  Fredericksburg Anesthesia Associates is a 17-member group of Board Certified and Board Eligible anesthesiologists, who practice anesthesiology at multiple hospital facilities and an ambulatory surgical center. Our main facility is Mary Washington Hospital (MWH), where all types of anesthesia are practiced daily. We also provide anesthesia coverage to Stafford Hospital (SH) and Fredericksburg Ambulatory Surgery Center (FASC). 

AA of VA has grown into a full-service anesthesia group providing nearly all of the services that one would see in a large university hospital. Other than transplant surgery and high-risk pediatric surgery, all types of anesthesia are provided by AA of VA including cardiovascular, thoracic, neuro-anesthesia, orthopedics, OB/ GYN, pediatric, urologic, plastic surgery, endoscopy and anesthesia for general surgery. At MWH and SH an ever-increasing number of anesthetics are performed in non-traditional sites such as the endoscopy suite, the electrophysiology lab, lithotripsy and the radiology department.

AA of VA believes in an anesthesia care team model whereby our anesthesiologists medically direct CRNAs. Our physicians are directly involved in every aspect of your anesthesia care throughout the full continuum of anesthesia care you receive in both the surgical and obstetrical environments. We trust in the care team model as the safest means of providing anesthesia care because there are at least two anesthesia providers involved in your care. We have seen this “extra pair of hands” prove invaluable to ensure a smooth and prompt patient flow within the perioperative environment as well as during critical moments of patient care. We provide anesthesia to over 20,000 surgical and 3,000 obstetric patients each year. In addition, our physicians serve our institutions in a variety of ways, such as being president of medical staff, chief of services, medical directors, and board and committee members.

AA of VA looks to incorporate new services and improve existing ones based on best practice standards set forth by various members of our industry as well as other industries in order to maintain the highest quality of patient care. Over the last few years, AA of VA continued to diversify its practice by adding coverage for a trauma service, minimally invasive robotic surgery, and staffing another hospital facility (Stafford Hospital). With the advent of portable ultrasound technology, AA of VA has been able to provide an increasing number of peripheral nerve blocks and indwelling catheters to improve our patients’ perioperative experience and


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